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The Look Loud Humanitarian Aid Watch Website values the work of the UK humanitarian, educational agencies working in Europe, Central Asia and around the world, primarily focused on activity that will benefit the disadvantaged and young. We particularly support those charities with a Christian foundation committed to work with people of all faiths and none, seeking to promote understanding and cooperation. We are of the belief that each individual is significant and of great value. It is our desire that all we do is for the benefit of others before ourselves, working to the highest standard of our ability with openness and integrity.

Our History

The Look Loud Humanitarian Aid Watch Website was born when a group of English businessmen and pastors visited Kosovo in 1992. During that trip a school head said “We have opened our doors to the West and all we have is your sewage”. This probably did more to influence Mike Fawcett (our Trust’s founder) than anything else to start the work. This website developed as those on that first trip sought to respond to the requests for help. Conferences on business and education led to the development of an English cultural centre, a school, and a joint business venture of a bakery.

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